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UN Platformforpalestine

Over the past decades, civil society organizations (CSOs) have been playing an increasing role in a large number of key areas concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By doing so, they have become indispensable strategic partners to any effort of the international community to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting peace.

Inspired by this growing movement, the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People revived its Working Group to foster a strong cooperation with CSOs.

One of the primary objectives of the UN Platform for Palestine (the Working Group), as a result of recommendations emanating from recent civil society consultations organized by the Committee, is to create an interactive platform for CSOs to inform, share and mobilize among themselves across the world. Such a platform - UNPfP - will provide CSOs active on the question of Palestine with the tools to produce a multiplier effect, connecting with other groups, so as to boost their impact. It will also build a bridge between CSOs and the United Nations and its Member States, including the Committee and its Working Group. The first global campaign of UNPfP is entitled "Give peace a chance".

We hope UNPfP will prove useful for your work, and encourage the 800+ accredited organizations, the 100+ observer organizations, and the 200+ friend organizations that represent millions of people across the globe, to embrace its message and spread it.

Bernard Hamilton

UNPfP Chair

Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Malta